What is the best performing asset class of 2020? Whisky.

We help Investors get involved in a Billion-pound market that has shown average returns of 8-12%* over the last couple of decades.

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Annual Export Value
Bottles exported every second
Markets Whisky Shipped to around the world
Casks are classed as a wasting asset, so returns are tax free

Good returns from whisky maturation has been achieved for decades. Our specialist acquisitions team source the best casks for our clients portfolio, allowing private investors to buy quality casks at wholesale prices.

And our world class team ensures that when you come to sell, we will quickly secure the best price for you. We’ll even buy your cask from you, making selling as easy as possible for our clients!

Why invest
in Whisky?

Non Stock
Its Simple – Buy your cask, watch it grow in value

Own a Physical Asset stored in a secure Bonded Warehouse

Perfect for medium to longterm gains

We are specialist Cask Stockists that hold casks from various distilleries to help build your perfect, bespoke whisky cask portfolio. See our recent case study on Roger Parfitt to see real benefits of Whisky Investment.

CASE STUDY: Roger Parfitt

Our client Roger is now retiring early after his Scotch whisky investment earned him £225,000.
Despite not being an expert in whisky, Mr Parfitt spent £3,200 on a cask of single malt Macallan and another £1,500 on a cask of Tobermory back in 1994.

We might not all get a cask of Macallan that sky rockets to earn an annualised  16.5% per year, but even a lower cost cask like the Tobermory saw a great return of 11% per year over the time held.

How does it work?

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Your cask, your choice. We can help you every step of way.

A growing market

With an export value of £4.9bn per annum, Scotch Whisky represents 70% of all Scottish Food and Drink Exports. That’s 42 bottles of Scotch Whisky exported every single second.

Historically, Scotch Whisky has consistently delivered average returns of 8-12% a year. And as Rogers case shows, it can be considerably more!

While individual distilleries vary, the major deciding factor in the size of your return, is time. If you can hold your Scotch for ten or more years, you’re much more likely to see a far greater return on investment.